These ring designs are available with different gemstones, and can be made in different metals. For information about ordering and pricing, please email Dorothy by clicking here -

R60, diamond, 14K R13, chrome tourmaline, 14K
R68, tourmaline, diamonds, 14K
R45, chrysophrase, 14K
R23, 14K R46, 14K
R73, diamonds, 14K R45, chalcedony, 14K R79, black onyx, diamonds, 14K
R63, emerald, diamond, 14K
R59, diamond, 14K R36, amethyst, 14K
R68, diamonds, 14K
R68ov, diamonds, 14K R71, diamond, 14K
R78, diamonds, 14K
R72, tourquoise, 14K R80, diamond, 14K
R84, sapphires, 14K R12, aquamarine, 14K R39, garnet, 14K
R72, aquamarine, 14K R72, pink tourmaline, 14K R77, sapphires, 14K
R20, 14K R21, diamonds, 14K R32, mabe pearl, diamonds, 14K
R43, diamond, 14K R52, alexandrite, topaz, 14K R59c, diamonds, 14K
R63, sapphire, diamond, 14K R65, sapphire, diamonds, 14K R68, tourmaline, diamonds, 14K
R71, sapphire, 14K R72, mabe pearl, 14K
R27, black onyx, sterling
R53, amethyst, sterling
R72, amber, sterling R45, black onyx, sterling